Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's On!

Pale Horsey vs. Internet Superintelligence:

EP and Vox are debating the Reformation. EP's a good ol' Catholic, I think Vox used to be Southern Baptist. I guess Baptists eventually came out of the Reformation, although it might have been a better debate if you had a Lutheran or Presbyterian up there against the Knight from Fort Worth.

Some of EP's closing remarks in the opening salvo:

The reformation was a heresy not put down by the Church, but one allowed to thrive in the circumstances that history provides. There are now thousands of denominations with thousands of ideas which stand against tradition and the early Church. I don't like what happened ; will I defend the loose morals or the sins against dogma that went on, no. But the Church still stands and my Protestant friends still worship, but they have left the better part of God and have become incomplete in salvation history.

The fingers of Protestantism have given more ammo to the atheistic community. They can now legitimately say, which version of Christianity do you believe. Even the Devil knows there is only one truth and that truth is the Roman Catholic Church and its authority.

I'm not Catholic, and while I do admire the continuity of tradition within their church, I most certainly do not think that those outside the Catholic tradition (which is itself a divergence from the Eastern Orthodox) have "left the better part of God."

Anyways, it should be a good debate. Analysis can't happen until Vox posts a rebuttal, and then it should get fun--it's already heating up in the comments over at EP's place. I bet Vox's post on this gets 500+ comments.

It's the Catholic Church vs Reformation--Larry, Dread, Mark Call, even Galt will making it rain in the cyberspaces.