Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Janet Folger

Is approaching Michelle Malkin levels of media harlotry as she continues to go ga-ga over the Man From Hope (Part Deaux), Mike Huckleberry.

From WND:

There are sheep, and there are shepherds. Sheep follow the pundits, the polls, political expediency and promised perks. Shepherds follow principle. Gov. Mike Huckabee is such a man. So are those who stand on principle with him.

Every single Folger column for the last six months on WND has been nonstop pundit fellation of the guy who is obviously "God's Choice." Yes, I believe she actually wrote those words. Mike Huckabee is a terrible candidate. He's a big-government liberal yankee do-gooder who embarrassingly wears his faith on his sleeve. He's shamelessly pandering to evangelicals, and they're eating it up.

I'm a Ron Paul Republican. I've supported him since this time last year, I've given of my time, my effort, and my money. The RNC doesn't really want me and my liberty-loving comrades, but I really hope that some RNC flunky hits me up for donations for the McCain-Huckabee ticket, and I hope that phone call gets recorded.